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Σάββατο, 25 Ιανουαρίου 2020

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   Professor Dr. Anna Benaki, born in Athens (12.12.1934), is Professor em. for Criminal Law at the University of Athens.She is elected Member of the Academy of Athens (Chair for Criminal Law) since April 2010.

  Academic background: Prof. Benaki studied Law in Greece (Athens University) and Germany (University of Bonn and the Max–Planck–Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg i.Br.). She obtained her Ph. D. in Criminal Law at the University of Bonn (1961). Back to Athens she served as University Assistant (1962), and further as Assistant Professor (1971), Associate Professor (1979) and finally Full Professor for Criminal Law (1986) at the Law School of the University of Athens until 2002.

Political activities: Involved in politics with the conservative Party “Nea Dimokratia” in Greece, she was Member of the Hellenic Parliament since 1981 continuously until 2009, representing the constituency Athens–Center. She became Minister of Culture (1990-1991) and Minister of Justice (1993). As Speaker of her Party in Parliament she contributed to the legislation on important legal, educational, social issues and to the Constitutional Reform as well.  She was the first woman in Greece to be elected as President (Speaker) of the Hellenic Parliament 2004-2007.

Professional activities: Practicing Attorney at Law, Member of the Athens Bar Association until 2002.

International relations: She participated to many international conferences on legal matters. She was Member of the Convention for the EU-Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000-2009) and Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (2007-2009). As President of the Hellenic Parliament she developped the parliamentary cooperation with many Parliaments of the European Union and other countries (USA, Arab countries, Chile) as well.          

Prof. Benaki has several publications (books, articles, etc) in Law, Administration of Justice, Constitutional Institutions, Education, political issues. She is Editor in Chief since 1976 of the wellknown greek Criminal Law Review POINIKA CHRONIKA, established 1951.

Languages: Greek, German, English, French.

She is married to Dr.Linos Benakis.  


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